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Granola och uppladdning

Hej bloggen och glad torsdag! Snart helg för er som har jobbat hela veckan medan andra (jag) går och väntar på storken. Ännu ingen bebis i sikte och jag sysselsätter mig med matlagning, bakning, fika  ...

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Little Caucasian toddler sitting at a table with a book

Multiple Languages: Multiple Problems? – PART II

Is there a deadline set on a child’s language-learning abilities (and are the sands of time quickly running out)? Will multilingual children confuse the different languages in their head? Are they little language-learning geniuses? What’s true and what’s false? Our development expert Liana sheds some light on myths and facts.

Mother breastfeeding newborn baby

Roadtripping with a wee one

A lot of people thought we were crazy to go on a 4,000-kilometre road trip with a three-month-old. Or maybe just naïve. Not everyone said it out loud, but we saw quite a few wide-eyed faces when we mentioned our plan to drive from Gothenburg to Tuscany.   Considering I don’t even really like road …

multi language kids

Multiple Languages: Multiple Problems? – PART I

English, Swedish, Spanish… Three languages, spoken within a matter of minutes. Does this sound like a typical situation in your home? Oh, did I mention the kids I am talking about are just 5-years-old? How are their little brains capable of such lingual gymnastics, cartwheeling and leaping from one language to the next?

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